Meet Our Chef

Chef Sanjay brings vibrant energy, exotic tastes and aromas of an authentic Indian kitchen straight to the diners’ tables. Inspired at a very young age observing his mother cook delicious northern Indian food recipes at home, he went to the world famous culinary school of the Capital City of India, the Indian School of Hotel Management.

He learned the ropes of the trade that included not just the food aspect but the delivery of a wholesome experience that ensures world class service to customers in the food industry. Sanjay’s food and his recipes speak from his own love of fresh ingredients, authentic Indian spices, a keen attention to detail and last but definitely not the least, great taste!

You will find Sanjay say this often, “if my diners are having a great time, laughing and sharing jokes, and they send empty dishes back to my kitchen having devoured all my food, I know it was a job well done”.