Visit These Cities to Taste the Best Indian Foods

If you are going on vacation to India, surely you imagine tasting the best Indian foods. India is indeed famous for its spice-rich food which is arguably similar to food in Indonesia. However, their cuisine is unique and cannot be compared to any food.

Before deciding to take a vacation to India, it helps you know which cities can give you the best culinary experience and while you are there. That way, you can make the most of your vacation.

Everyone will agree, a vacation will not be complete without tasting the typical dishes in the area. That is why, when on vacation to India, you should be able to taste the special dishes offered by the country. Here are some cities that you must visit to get the best culinary experience in India.

Enjoy Indian Burgers, one of the Best Indian Foods in Mumbai

There are two mandatory kitchen ingredients used by street food vendors in Mumbai, garlic, and onions. Make sure your tongue is used to tasting strong flavors from each dish. For example, the Indian version of Doughy Vada Pav aka burger.

This fast food is so popular and worth a try. Order also a cup of warm masala tea with ginger flavor that warms the body. Satisfy your taste along the famous Juhu Chowpatty Beach or bowels at Nariman Point while watching the sunset.

In addition to the famous actor Amrish Puri, the city is famous for panipuri, sevpuri, bhelpuri, dahipuri, and ragda pattice. For example, Pav is another popular food that can be a choice of lunch. The dish served with bread on aluminum plates will make you feel like you are in Bollywood films.

best Indian foods

best Indian foods

Old Delhi, a City with the Oldest Market

When to India, time to visit Old Delhi. This city is very popular for its best Indian foods like delicious kebabs, crispy golgapas, delicious prata, jalebis, and chaat. The majority of tastes are influenced by North side of Indian cuisines such as Rajma Chawal and Chhole Bhature. You will definitely be tempted to order more than one type of dish.

Here you can also find the oldest market in Delhi, namely Chandni Chowk. This market will extend you to hundreds of types of Indian specialties which you will definitely miss.

In addition to taking the time to visit the legendary Chandni Chowk, don’t miss out on a variety of delicious food under the Dhabas metro line, the roadside stalls at Connaught Place, tempting stalls in Delhi Haat and of course the prata shop at Purani Dilli.

best Indian foods

best Indian foods

Kolkata, a City of Joy

Kolkata is known as the city of joy by Indian people. The city is famous for its delicious and very cheap street food. You can find ubiquitous kathi rolls, Bengali sweets such as rasgullas and tantalizing sandwhesh, and many more in this city. Kolkata indeed offers an endless list of culinary delights.

Fiery jhaalmuri and delicious puchka will enhance your taste. While hilsa and bhetki fish will make your appetite increase dramatically. Goat meat, various slices of meat, and bread rolls are also best Indian foods that you should try when you navigate the area around Park Street or New Market.

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