Chandni Chowk Market, a Center of Various Indian Foods

If on vacation to India, you can hunt for Indian food at the Chandni Chowk market. Just walk to the Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi and explore the various types of tempting Indian cuisine.

India is indeed known as a country with a very rich culinary heritage. Indian cuisine is well known throughout the universe. Now, who doesn’t know curry? Almost everyone around the world knows this Indian cuisine.

Chandni Chowk is the oldest and busiest market in Delhi. This area was built in the 17th century by the Muslim King of India, Shah Jahan. During the Mughal Dynasty, Chandni Chowk was designated a commercial area.

Even though it is quite old, Chandni Chowk is still interesting for tourists to visit. In fact, you could say, this market always has something new to see and feel by tourists.

Chandni Chowk market

Chandni Chowk market

There are more than 1,000 Types of Food in the Chandni Chowk Market

No less than 1,000 types of culinary sold at the Chandni Chowk. The traders with skilled hands are ready to present menus such as Jalebi, Halwa, Rasmalai, Falooda, and many other types of cuisine to satisfy your stomach.

The most famous food in this market is Chaat. This is a piece of potato mixed with dry-fried bread, seasoned with various spices, smothered in yogurt and spicy Indian-style sauce. You can taste this food at Chaat Bhandar and Papdi Chaat restaurants.

You can start a taste adventure from Ghantewala Shop which has existed since 1790. This shop sells a variety of snacks and appetizers such as Samosa (pastel filled with meat) and various types of Halwa (sweet taste appetizers made from flour, melted butter, sugar, saffron, raisins, and almonds & pistachios mix).

As for the heavy food, Chicken Tandoori, and Chicken Curry, but besides that, there are still plenty of other foods that are worth trying in Chandni Chowk market. Starting from Parantha, Shammi Kabab, Rabdi Falooda, Fruit Chaat, and many more.

As desserts, go to the famous Jalebi Wala shop with its Jalebi menu, in the form of fried flour and butter mixture, then dipped in sugar syrup. After that, also visit the Bikaner Sweet Shop that sells Rasmalai (sweet-flavored cream soup), or head to the Gianji shop that sells a drink called Falooda.

Chandni Chowk market

Chandni Chowk market

Not Only Providing Culinary but also Spices and Food Ingredients

Besides food, this market also sells various kinds of herbs, Indian spices with a distinctive aroma. The aroma of spices is what often makes tourists come out of curiosity. From turmeric powder to saffron.

Not only that, but there are also traders who sell beans from almonds to pistachios. Do not forget the dried fruits such as raisins, and sweets that are indeed a mandatory meal of Indian society. There are also rows of shops that sell books, clothing, shoes, bola 88 and a variety of leather accessories.

Visiting this market on holiday to India will truly revive your sense of taste, smell, and vision. Chandni Chowk market is full of colors, aromas, and of course also a taste that is worth trying once in a lifetime.

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