Similarities between Indian and Indonesian Cuisines You Should Know

You can find similarities between Indian and Indonesian cuisines. If you trace the roots of the culinary origins of Indonesia at this time, India is one of the countries that has had a big influence, besides China. So, it is not surprising, if you enjoy Indian cuisine that is colorful and rich in flavor, it will remind you of the culinary of our own country.

India and Indonesia each have diverse cultures and regions, However, in terms of traditional and popular traditional foods from both countries, we can observe that there are similarities. Both of the taste, cooking process, and how to eat.

This is why it is not so difficult for Indonesians to enjoy Indian cuisines and vice versa. Unlike residents of Western countries or other parts of Asia, who consider the taste of Indian food ‘magical’.

Indian and Indonesian Cuisines Use Rice as the Staple Food and Spices

In one dish, Indian and Indonesian dishes generally use a mixture of various spices – but Indian dishes use a higher quantity of spices in each dish. Ginger, turmeric, cloves, and coriander are some of the herbs that are generally used in both culinary.

If Indonesia has a lamb curry dish that is served with rice, India has lamb curry which is usually eaten with Prata bread. Rice is the staple food of both countries. India and Indonesia are known to eat processed rice or eat white rice with side dishes.

However, in Indonesia, rice has a more important role. To the extent, many people assume ‘not eating’, if the stomach has not been filled with rice, even though they have consumed other carbohydrate foods such as bread or noodles.

Indian and Indonesian cuisines

Indian and Indonesian cuisines

Meat and Beans as the Main Ingredients for Cooking

Beef is not the most popular meat in both countries, unlike in western countries. In Indonesia, chicken is the easiest looking ones. Even the first recorded practice of poultry farming began in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, in India, the majority of the population is Hindu, and does not consume beef.

Chicken and goat also become the most commonly used meat in both Indian and Indonesian cuisines. Indonesia has typical Indonesian fried chicken, satay, and goat soup. India has tandoori chicken and lamb curry.

Peanuts are commonly used in cooking ingredients. Good as a spice or a main ingredient in cooking. In Indonesia, peanuts are usually ground and mixed with spices and used in dishes such as pecel, gado-gado, and dumplings.

Meanwhile, in India, there is a dish called dal, the dish is a mixture of nuts, butter, and spices, and eaten as a main dish. Commonly used beans are black lentils and red beans. For practical dishes, beans are also often cooked with curry spices and served with rice in India.

Indian and Indonesian cuisines


Eat with Bare Hands

Eating with bare hands is common in both countries. In India, eating with bare hands even has its value. Quoted Patheos, in Ayuverdic teachings, each finger is considered to represent five elements.

Thumbs represent space, index fingers describe air, fire for the middle finger, water for the ring finger, and earth for the little finger. This is why Indian people will likely eat with their bare hands.

With food tastes and rich food spices from both countries, eating with bare hands has also been shown to increase the sense of taste, which is triggered by nerves that also feel the temperature and texture of food. People believe that Indian and Indonesian cuisines taste good when eaten with bare hands.

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