Indian Foods Unique due to These Reasons

Everyone will agree that Indian foods unique. Indian cuisine is famous for its variety of spices. It creates a strong and unique taste. That certainly invites the interest of researchers to find out more about this diversity.

Please note that Indian cuisine is unique not only due to the use of various spices and herbs, but its diverse nutritional content also makes Indian cuisine famous for being healthy and nutritious.

Another thing that makes Indian cuisines unique is the inconsistency of taste that you can find. If you decide to buy Indian food in the United States, or other parts of the world, then you will find a completely different taste, because Indian cuisine does not require precise measurements.

Indian Foods Unique

Indian Foods Unique

The scientists collected data on more than 2,500 recipes and they discovered the secret of the delicacy of Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine uses complementary ingredients so they don’t cause overlapping flavors.

Non-overlapping Ingredients Make Indian Foods Unique

The researcher then makes a diagram of the ingredients with overlapping taste compounds. This is done for several thousand recipes with total use of 200 ingredients. They check how much of the compound taste overlaps in a dish.

In contrast to Western cuisine, it is known that Indian cuisine tends to combine ingredients which tastes do not overlap at all. The researchers found that the average division of flavors in Indian cuisine was significantly lower than expected.

Non-overlapping Ingredients

Non-overlapping Ingredients

The unique arrangement in Indian cuisine seems to be related to the use of certain ingredients, namely various spices. The spices used in Indian cuisine make a strong but complementary flavor arrangement.

You can find many Indian recipes using cayenne, which is the spice on which curry is based. When the dish contained cayenne, researchers found other ingredients did not share the same taste. The same thing is also obtained from green peppers, coriander, and salt masala.

Famous for Its High Complexity

Indian cuisine is famous for its high complexity. Some dishes even take an entire night to be cooked perfectly. The procedure is also very complicated. Many dishes have to be cooked slowly, which also make Indian foods unique.

For example, when cooking meat on Biryani rice, it requires a slow cooking process so that the meat can be cooked perfectly and can be separated from the bones naturally. This method of cooking is not found in most western dishes which are quite satisfied with a medium cooked steak.

The use of very diverse spices and herbs also makes Indian cuisine unique. Some dishes don’t even use powdered spices, but instead, use fresh slices of spice to add aroma to the foods.

It also distinguishes Indian cuisine from a variety of dishes from other countries that tend to use pre-mixed spices. Indian knowledge of spices and herbs greatly contributed to the creation of this unique taste.

So things that make Indian food interesting is how the flavors complement each other. Indian cuisine is complicated because it uses at least 7 ingredients. But all ingredients, especially spices, play an important role in the dish. Every ingredients make Indian foods unique compared to other cuisines.

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